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The 2019 new high-tech smart fingerprint bag makes it easy and convenient for you to travel. The fashionable and fashionable cross-pack of various styles can be used as a handbag or a shoulder bag. It is small and exquisite, elegant and simple. Biometric fingerprint unlocking allows you to quickly turn on the smart age and protect the security of your personal belongings.

Size :180*140*95mm

Weight :540g

Color :Black + grey, apricot + white

Material :Leather

Working current :3.7V≥120mAH

Fingerprint acquisition time :≤0.5S

Fingerprint matching time :≤1S

Working temperature :-10°C-45°C

Working humidity :40-90%RH

Rejection rate :<0.1%

False rate :<0.002%

Fingerprint capacity :10 groups

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1. Fingerprint unlocking, simple travel, loading and unloading handle more beautiful.
2. Selected cowhide, delicate handle, smooth texture, soft cortex, strong plasticity, a comprehensive upgrading of the package grade.
3. Live biological fingerprint recognition, refuse to clone, open in one second.
4. Smart charging, fully charged for up to 3 months.
5. With three-dimensional space, sewing process, soft fabric.


Apricot-White, Black-Gray

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