FL-V13 Wholesale Classic Fashion Leather Handbag For Woman

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The new high-tech smart fingerprint bag in 2019 allows you to travel easily and conveniently, small and delicate lady handbag, fashionable and simple handbag. Biofingerprint unlocking allows you to quickly open the era of intelligence and protect the safety of personal goods.

Size : 200 x 120 x 40mm
Weight : 235g
Color : Black and Blue
Material : Leather
Working current : 3.7V≥120mAH
Fingerprint acquisition time : ≤0.5S
Fingerprint matching time : ≤1S
Working temperature : -10°C-45°C
Working humidity : 40-90%RH
Rejection rate : <0.1%
False rate : <0.002%
Fingerprint capacity : 10 groups

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Detail Information:

1. New black technology smart fingerprint lock, living biometric fingerprint technology, refuse to clone, bring you a different smart life.
2. Made of real cowhide, fine workmanship, neat and tidy, high-grade and durable.
3. Simple but not simple design, light fashion, ingenious craftsmanship, the whole body highlights fashion elegance.
4. One hundred yuan of banknotes is slightly larger, with built-in lipstick, portable makeup tools, change, mobile phone, ID card, driver’s license, bank card, etc. One bag of carry-on items can be completed.
5. 360 degree omnidirectional biometric recognition technology, the induction rate is less than 1 S, and the recognition error rate is less than 1/100,000.
6. Practical Android data line charging, exclusive intelligent power saving, one charge can be used for up to 3 months, portable charging treasure can replenish power at any time.



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