Fipilock Fingerprint Unlock Women Messenger Bag FL-V5 – Meet Fashion and Security

Fingerprint Unlock Women Messenger Bag (FL-V5) fipilock – Meet Fashion and Security

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Messenger bags have always played a part in the daily activities of the envious scene of women’s fashion, it is an accessory that has earned its place in our fashion history from time. They can be made from or cut out of different materials to meet a particular need or standard, but its role in both trends and keeping our belongings safe and collected has always been the same. Talking about safety, although it might be hard to pinpoint the actual origin of these faithful companions, it cannot be denied that one of its primary purposes has always been the safe-keeping of our possessions while on the go, and that is in addition to playing their part in style, they have always delivered, or, have they? Now, imagine a Fingerprint Unlock messenger bag with a rich and perfect blend of fashion and comfort due to its modern and smart design. When combined with the element of safety and security of whatever is in its possession, it can rightly be called the bag of our dreams right? Well, not anymore.

Fipilock has made sure of that with the FL-V5 Fingerprint Unlock Messenger Bag. Talk about elegance in its finest form. Made from genuine leather of the highest quality, it is as smart as it is safe and fashionable. Rarely do you see most, if not all your desires in a product come together like it has in this. Elegantly wrapped with polyester, it is watertight and waterproof. You won’t have to worry about getting caught up under the rain or the odd early morning coffee spill on your way to the office anymore. Very few handbags can match the comfort form the design, making it a must-have of a modern lady. One of the most impressive qualities of our Fipilock Fingerprint Unlock messenger bag is its Anti-theft system. Having the assurance that your privacy cannot be invaded by anyone even if they tried is in no small feat impressive. Fitted with a high-tech smart fingerprint, it is a bag that makes your travel travels as comfortable as they come. This fashion style fingerprint diagonal cross-package are available in different styles. You can use it as an alloy, portable and exquisite, elegant and modest.
The Biometric fingerprint unlocking system makes it effortless for you to quickly switch on the smart age and keep your personal belongings safe and secured. Don’t worry, no one is getting their hands on your property without your consent or knowledge with this one, that’s how protective it is. The safety system takes about one second to unlock, and is impressively safe and convenient. The hardware is thick and solid, and a touch will convince you of the level of expertise that contributed to make it a one of a kind product. The high-tech security working together with the top-notch craftsmanship to produce a perfect blend of modesty and class. Now, let us get into the details of and all you need to know about this piece and how it works. The following information is for those of us that are driven to curiosity about what makes what work. You can knock yourself out with the details of the high-tech product below.

Fipilock have taken the words “quality, secure and elegance” to the next level with this one.
It is called the Fingerprint diagonal package, coming in the respective size and weight of 200*150*75mm (7.9*6*3 inch) and 560g. Available in light blue + apricot colors of genuine leather fabric, under a polyester lining. A real cowhide that is astonishingly delicate and smooth. Merging thickness and softness in a single product that is well polished to catch capture one’s fancy.

A TYPE-C charging. Fingerprint capacity of 10 fingerprints. High level of ingenuity, skill, and technology are employed into making the messenger bag a reality.
Its multi-purpose nature can also come in handy from time to time. You can grip the handle with class, hang it on your arm, or put the adjustable shoulder strap to use. Regardless of how you decide to us it, the touch of beauty, safety and comfort oozing out of the design will always be there in its full glory. Designed to meet different needs, the shoulder strap adjustment can reach the maximum of 57cm (22.5 inch) and has a minimum of 50cm (19.7 inch). We ooze high-end quality and neatness as you would rightly expect from a product of such dexterous promise. The metal hooks are alloy plated so that you will not have any case of corrosion or fading.

Call it a messenger bag, hand bag or shoulder bag, its list of probable names might not be as roomy as its containing power. It has the capacity to hold contents that bellies what the eyes can see. The inside houses the compartment bag, main bag, hidden zipper bag and the inner bag. Talk about bags in a bag. In spite of all the compartments it holds inside it, this Fingerprint Unlock messenger bag is unbelievably lacking in the weight a similar product would be expected to come with. Talk about breathing space, it can take in way more items than you would give it credit for at the first glance.
In a world where women’s fashion has taken a prominent place in the contemporary everyday lifestyle, a few products have come up deserving plenty admiration. Some has however taken things to the next level with amazing concepts that has left enthusiasts wowed, and this is a prime example of that. Be in control of your privacy while stunting your fashion sense. Products like the Fingerprint Unlock messenger bag might be things from the future, but we have them now.

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