Men’s Fashion Fingerprint Shoulder Bag FL-V8

Fipilock’s Casual Fingerprint Shoulder Bag for Men

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In an era where fashion has made an indelible and sustained mark on the system of our personal lives and businesses, there has equally been no shortage of products with excellent designs and quality to quench this insatiable desire. However, in the midst of this influx of new contents to the market, there is a handful of concepts that has really taken the idea of style, elegance and class to the next level.

We will take a look at a piece of a typical perfect work of genius and inspiration in the form of Men’s business and fashion casual fingerprint shoulder bag from the Fipilock brand. In an effort to know more about the product and what makes it special, there is going to be a highlight of some exceptional qualities that you may only witnessed in a few bags if any. Judging from the brand some are expected, but others will leave you totally impressed.

Describing what a bag of any form or design is meant for will always depend on the user. Serving well for different purposes has always been a field where they have dominated throughout their existence. We might not or never come to the full importance of the roles they play for us, but that does not take any strand of feather from their wings. They will always continue to put in vital shifts from time to time, it is left for us to identify those who do what they have to and more.

Bagging Yourself a Secure Piece 

Good bags come with nice locks for security, but excellent bags are equipped with next-level lock systems that has the potential to wow you. That is exactly the category that the Men’s smart fingerprint shoulder bag FL-V8 falls into. It has a high-tech fingerprint locking feature, one of the highlights of some of the most property securing accessories made. And that is just a single drop of smartness in a product that will easily be described as having a pool of that word.
With a design that is full of obvious craftsmanship coupled with technology, the Men’s smart fashion fingerprint shoulder bag is among other things compact and lightweight, simple and light. It has a multi-layer zipper bag that sees the overall item-carrying capacity of the bag increased when necessary. A feature that can come in handy when you cannot afford to leave anything behind for a trip.
The surface material is made of oxford cloth and leather, a secure fingerprint lock buff is also in the mix, making the bag a very interesting piece for. Biometric fingerprint unlocking allows you to quickly turn on the smart age and protect the security of your personal belongings. The contents in your bags are yet to experience the level of safety that is on cue in it.

Your Perfect Travel Choice

If you want a bag that does justice to the word “leisure and simplicity”, then there is hardly any better choice than what this high-tech fingerprint unlock fashion shoulder bag. It makes travelling with your most valued properties less worrying, because they will always be in safe hands. We will see a few highlights of the Fipilock product below for further details.

[High-tech Lock System]: It is one of the areas where the brand and manufacturers have always held their own down with their products. There is no messing around with your precious belongings as long as they have been handed over to the secure hands of the shoulder bag. The fingerprint lock feature can recognize and save up to 10 groups with an amazing matching speed of about ≤1S. This high-tech fingerprint switch lock is simply safe and convenient for your properties.

[Oxford Cloth Material]: The product is made of high quality oxford cloth and quality zippers to match its safety lock system. It is impressively elastic, wear resisting, air permeable, water resistant, breathable, and comfortable, in few words. It goes a long way to reveal that the bag is not a one trick pony in any way, its security features can be said to be arguably matched by the top-notch material it is made from. Very few products of similar purpose can boast of one of these features, less talk of the two.

[More Rooms – More Items]: There are a number of compartments that will make sure you are not lacking options with the shoulder bag. There is a provision of a front pocket, phone pocket, a hidden zipper pocket and two main pockets. The internal structure was designed with maximum capacity in mind. For a bag of this size and weight that is a very impressive feat, to say the least. You do not get to have these much containment options, at least not with shoulder bags.

[Quality and Durability]: This is one of those products you will buy and they will give you back the value for your money and more. The water and wear resistance coupled with the elastic nature contributes to making it last long. In spite of its ability to contain more items that your eyes will make you believe, it has proven beyond reasonable doubt that it can take whatever the user or the environment throws at its quality body.

A Bag that is worth it

There is a lot of qualities that make different bags unique to their different users. A lot of bags have some of these qualities and are lacking in others. However, when a worthy product has most if not all of these highlights and more, we can only appreciate those behind the reality. Fipilock men’s business, casual and fashion fingerprint security shoulder bag is one to treasure, without a doubt.

Product Description

Name : Fingerprint Shoulder Bag

Product Type: FL-V8

Material : Oxford cloth + leather

Size : 320*170*60mm

Working Current : 3.7V≥120Mah

Unlock System: Fingerprint + Zipper buckle

Fingerprint Acquisition time : ≤0.5S

Fingerprint Matching Time : ≤1S

Working Temperature : -10°C-45°C

Working Humidity : 40-90%RH

Rejection Rate : <0.1%

False Rate : <0.002%

Fingerprint Capacity : 10 groups

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